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Reviews for "StickMan Sam 9"

GOOD GAME. I didn't liked too much the darkness, but it is a great game, indeed. The best color is white, because the scene is dark.

Have fun! I just didn't given 5 stars because it isn

great design, good style, and solid but simple graphics.

i haven't felt like writing a real review for a game in a long time, but this one is pretty filled in. Author response to the review makes a big difference to me.

First, I think the low ratings are due to personal preference. and then there is the matter of the casual gamer who doesn't realize you can light up the area with the gun. an in-game tutorial could have been short and sweet, but without it many won't read the instructions. i personally know that i dont play games to read instructions, i follow enough of them at work, yknowhadimsayin?!

The design works great, though, and the option to customize character is cool. to be honest, the choices in themselves weren't "all that" but I still dug it. many cool little physics at work here, and this game is "more than meets the eye".

I would really reccomend that now might be the perfect time for the Author to really work hard at his drawing skills, because many of the sillouhettes just didn't hold.

I admit, the content in itself didn't really hold my interest for too long, but it's interesting to think of how this could develop. Different guns, hell UPGRADES would be great. Give me a little rapel wire or something, give me a way to kill the enemies, and not just in a bland "one-shot kills" way.

My producers are telling me it's time to wrap up this review, so as a final topic I think that while I do appreciate the monochromatic colors, there is something....missing, there. And also, some of the level designs are too steep too fast. The difficulty curve is just not level.

out of 10...

gfx - 6 (good style, but tooo much ambiguous shape)
sfx - N/A (no soundcard here)
design - 8 (great features, simple UI)
gameplay - 7 (frustrating, but still keen)

overall, while there are some rough edges here and there this is a great game to pass a few minutes. there is a challenge present, and this game has heart. highly recommended. And also, welcome back to NG.

io3creations responds:

Thank you for your very detailed review and welcoming me back :) It's been a while. Hopefully, I can remain a bit more active on NG.

Actually, the StickMan Sam series has be a learning/testing tool for me. I try to work mainly on various aspects of the game engine and use as little time on gfx as needed. That's why I started using a stickman in the first place :)

Also, In this part I wanted to focus on something different: focus on the darkness, a few interesting physics based puzzles with some thight spots. Based on the feedback and ratings, on average, the game did better than I expected even though it is very different from the other parts in the series that actually have a varity of guns.

I do have a few other ideas that will be based on the similar concept. e.g. one with more exploration that would have more detailed backgrounds but that may be confusing for an action game.

Hopefully, I addressed the issues you mentioned. If you have any questions, send me a pm.

Are you going backwards?
What happened to part 5?

io3creations responds:

Maybe. :) I might do part 5 if I have a working game engine that will be able to handle the things that I have planned for part 5.

why would this be under judgement?

io3creations responds:

Every new submission is under judgement until it reaches a minimum number of votes. If the rating is too low, the submission is removed. If above the minimum, it stays.

This is a great game I love the new idea of surprise this is first time in a while i played trial and error games