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Reviews for "StickMan Sam 9"

Not bad

io3creations responds:

Then it's good :)

This game can be described easily: a good job. A well tough entry in the dark room puzzle subgenre. Much needed by fans of it too.

I recommend this.

io3creations responds:

Thank you, appreciate it. :)

-_- good memories.
the time he haded to do many dangerous missions. i'm surprised it's still going.
I thought the series stopped but i guess it's still going.
it's a cool game

io3creations responds:

Yes, the series is still going! :)

Are you going backwards?
What happened to part 5?

io3creations responds:

Maybe. :) I might do part 5 if I have a working game engine that will be able to handle the things that I have planned for part 5.

yoooo, this brings me wayyyy backk, i stil remmember this shtx being hard af but itz klassic str8 up

io3creations responds:

Cool! :)