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Reviews for "Dumb Dreams"

Another great cartoon! I think the best thing about this was probably how, once again, I could really relate to it. I have dreams as nonsensical as this. I rarely have nightmares, which I guess is fortunate. You are right, everything really does seem to make sense in a dream. I mean, in the dream it makes sense.

I'm surprised I didn't come by this cartoon sooner. You always have stuff I can associate with. I wish I had a girlfriend, though. I don't think I sleeptalk. Well, I was in a hotel with my dad once and he claims I did, but I could have been awake at that. Our silly brains.

haha I am addicted, watchhing all your movies for a third time, you are a crazy, funny bastard, but everything is so true lol. thx

Sometimes I'll be dreaming, then I'll wake up still talking in my dream and think: How long was I talking in my sleep? Funny as usual.

Thanks a lot, brain.

All of this is so true! It's so much funnier when you say it too. I apparently sleep talk like that a lot. One weird dream I remember and will always remember was being in a white room, watching a super chubby kid laughing his ass off and rotating slowly in the corner for what seemed like hours. When I turned around there were two Draco Malfoys scratching each other's chins as if contemplating, except with each other's faces I guess? It was fucked up.