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Reviews for "Dumb Dreams"

The "pole dance from a scorpion on a pile of 5th grade teachers" joke really got me. Just recently discovered your content. Great stuff dude, its hilarious.

Think maybe I might be dreaming some of those weird dreams tonight.XD So relatable, and so refreshingly random too. Definitely nothing wrong with your imagination...


I once had a dream when I was in 2nd grade where we went on a field trip, and the place we went to a place all about the body , and when it was time for lunch, my 1st grade substitute came in and was like "I know you all want to eat...BUT FIRST YOU HAVE TO BE EATEN!" And we fell through a trapdoor into the mouth of a cartoon chef?!?!?

I was weird back then.
Also, great vid! I plan on making stuff like this soon!.

I know that feeling my friend! Once I this dream where Kim Jong Un and his generals went over to y house for soup.

i havent laughed so hard in a long time, man, that was hilarous