Reviews for "Super Hero Clock Ep1 p1"

EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT JUST BLOODY PERFECT!!!!!!! but one prob the walking affects it seems to bouncy yeah know other than that MOTHER F@#KING PERFECT

I guess you figured you'd promote this on clock day because it...has a clock...in it? Siiiiigh

Makes sense, at how ruthlessly over-promoted this is, from the huge long unskippable ad at the beginning to the wall of social network buttons.

It manages to be a lot like Avatar: staggering production effort, but not a single moment goes by without a cringeworthy anime cliche or painfully contrived dialogue. You can practically hear the voice actor gagging back bile saying "googled it on the internet" and "epic".

And then, watching it all the way to the end...it goes "to be continued" before ANYTHING of interest even happens. It's just a boring mess of generic "Drawing Anime Faces (And So Can You!)" art.

On a day of intentionally, comically bad submissions, this manages to ascend to a whole different height of unwatchability. All the Tricky Clown penises shrivel to shame before its awfulness, and the seizure-screamers are silenced before how bad the dialogue is.

And that is why I am voting 5. Good job! You've outdone us all at our own game, magnificent!

The Animation was really nice the characters just too cute ! but it's kinda feel like frozen characters somewhere!try to add more frames! also, you could just add it as video rather than flash in newgrounds!

love it, glad to see an actual episode

Amazing story with great, animation design.