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Reviews for "Elysium Spoiler in 90 Sec"

Wait, you do more then music?!

Not a bad flash. It keeps the viewer entertained... (But that might just be you talking that does that)
The camera movement was done quite well, and the drawings aren't half bad. Not bad hania. I think you did a real good job on this.

I do think the spider's animation was a bit too fluid like with the curves on the legs and such.. Also, extra detail never hurt anyone.

I give this flash 6.5 planets out of 10. Well I would if it were possible... lol
No I actually give you a 3.5/5 (which would be 7 planets) because this was still quite enjoyable... Your artwork is not that bad, and neither is the spider... but I wouldn't call it a top quality animation, so I think that 3.5 is quite fair.

yay spoiler! good job!

hania responds:

Thanks! ;)