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Reviews for "Elysium Spoiler in 90 Sec"

You should Team up with others and be the Voice Actress..xD
It would be Great..

hania responds:

I'd love to! Voice acting is something I've always wanted to sink my teeth into...

Slight improvement! I've never seen Elysium before so.....I guess i done spoiled myself....SHIT!
Keep working on those backgrounds! 'Cause they need work. Also, didn't know that you're Australian until just now, what a crazy accent! =D

How cliché. Thank you for wasting money for me. Means a lot. :D

"So this time I tried to focus on backgrounds, fluidity in camera movement and more care with drawing stuff." I believe you met your goals and did a spot-on job at that! Your animation/drawing still needs a bit of work, but if you cleaned it up a little you might just come up with your own stylized drawing method! (NIFTY!) Overall, I think you summed up the entirety of the movie pretty well. Matt Damon is pretty cool though... Anyways, 3.5 stars for outstanding effort and a willingness to take constructive criticism, you have my respect. Now that you've gotten a hand at both animation and background transitions, try to incorporate the two of them together. All with the ultimate goal of telling a heartwarming, meaningful story. I really enjoy critiquing your work and seeing you expand on new ideas and concepts. Brings joy to my little heart! <3 That and your rapid improvement. Much support! Keep at it!

movie solidly spoilerd, good thing in this case. could use animation of the scenes. i give this movie 3.0 stars out of 5 ; )