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Reviews for "SBC Kills Pokemon (A.P.I)"

sbc is the king of the portal

Strawberry Clock: I'm not a Pokemon fairy boy. I'm part of Assassin Pokemon Initiative A.P.I...
The objective - destroy all 155 or so odd Pokemon.

Casper: But now is 649 Pokemon.

Strawberry Clock: Oh ok.

wow that strawberry clock is so overpowerd Level 100 whit 999 Health .

by the way the video was kinda cool.

none pokemon could ever have 999 Health kus that is to high :L

well, a great movie from a great man.
i seriously DO remember those assasin games, and i've played this one about pokemon.
i wonder, does this still exists?
anyway, a good movie, with EXCELLENT graphics, from the epic 3-D models, of cyberen, to the great sprites os silver-clock, strawberry clock has united two very different visual kinds (3-D art and pixels) into a great, comedic, and slightly mad story about destroying pokemon!
i also love the end, when the kid, casper says to SBC ''but, strawberry clock, everyone LOVES pokemon now..!''
strawberry: ummm... right....

hahaha, what a great ending!
also, the power ups, and the attacks were clever and original.
if you're a pokemon fan, and you get offended by this, then you probably didnt notice how well-drawn, and nicely designed his pokemon interface, and SBC's attacks, and specials were.
he made it feel as if strawberry-clock was a pokemon character himself!
great work, and a very funny original toon.

keep it up, strawberry, you rule the portal.

ps. cowlickan, your review was not very well-thought. please be more constructive.

If anyone wants to relive the Pokémon Slaughter awesomeness, I managed to recover the site on Wayback Machine. I think this might work.

Here's the link. --> https://web.archive.org/web/20001215213400/http://www.newgrounds.com/assassin/pokemon/menu.html