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Reviews for "SBC Kills Pokemon (A.P.I)"

Lol nice

Congradulations on winning Daily Feature, my dear king! I was afraid that the Crew had just done out of style. To see you of all people win Daily Feature was really inspiring. I do think that you could have maybe not spent so much time in the pokemon battle. Dang, I don't think I ever have played a game like that. I appreciate the CGI stuff at the beginning.

Those games really do look dated. I love how you mentioned that pokemon is popular again. Honestly, it seems like every pokemon oriented thing here was anti. It's back, baby! Anyway, I know you and everyone else had a great Clock Day this year!

the so called king has resurfaced? interesting.

But that depends on who is asked

Wow it feels so werid to see SBC make a flash that actually has effort put into it. I mean dont get me wrong he always has but its just this feels out of character in a sort of good way though. Love how the thing feels more like an actual game then a parody with the sprites and even...Banjo Kazooey editing thing? Anyway amazing work as always SBC never ceases to amaze