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Reviews for "SBC Kills Pokemon (A.P.I)"

i dont really understand your..culture. so maybe this is normal for you. bein edgy n kewl

Entertaining, as far as coc- I mean clocks go.

Sweet Strawberry Jesus... I knew I heard that "the end" somewhere, and I have found it. I'll let it drive the rest of you mad if you feel like you've heard it somewhere before too. Interesting stuff Mr clock. Brings me back them old NG days of Reading Rainbow and NG Assassin.

Cut out that annoying shout at then end. It was great until that 1/200 assed ending. A random annoying noise?!? Only a select few can pull that off properly. You are not among them. Redo your ending. It needs more than a random annoying noise.

Very nice animation, funny too how one person can defeat them all good job on the animation!