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Reviews for "I Want My Clock Back"


a great epoch about SBC, and his quest to get his clock back. i liked it, and i liked the revision done on the song itself. i also enjoyed the animation, which was very well-animated, and quite fast-paced, but i also liked how crystal-clear the drawings were, and in the distinct style of pin clock (no outlines, and very bright, and epic colours, amazingly done). this is so unique, and you, an excellent animation, and a worthy movie for clockday!

the story was good, and the humour was good, everything was good! keep it up, dude!

keep animating man, you're always good. happy-clock day!111

I enjoyed the papery textures, as they helped the story seem like a children's book. Great twist with the clock/lock at the end. I also laughed when Orange Ocean was used for Orange Clock. The music might be a little too loud in most of the scenes, though, and your audio at the beginning was clipping a little. Also, I probably would have expected to hear some music for the credits since they were so long.

All in all though, a great Clock Day short. Good work!

Hahaha, amazing. I love the end ending, too. True Clock Day literature