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Reviews for "FB2: The Naked Forever"

Entertaining, fun and well done!

biblo responds:


As a young'n I never really encountered much of the clock crew on newgrounds. I spent most of my time at the computer at school sneakily checking out the hentai posts and amazedly watching bunnykill 2 repeatedly.

As an adult, I of course came across the crew, but thought little of you guys. I will only say that this year has inspired a new-found respect for you folks. Well done.

biblo responds:

Well good


biblo responds:


Good animation, flowed really well, the..er..shapes and things moved flawlessly with the beat. It was very well done. Quite creative, just ot much happening. The same dance looped with a few effects over it.
All in all not much going on but what you did do you did to a high standard.
Music here is not my thing so I'll ignore it when I score you. It wouldn't be fair just because I like guitars.

biblo responds:

I like guitars too. I remember being 16 but then I learned how to like 2 things

The physics of that dance animation(which one you ask?) are surprisingly realistic...on the verge of creepily realistic... nice.

biblo responds:

Yeah it's rotoscoped. For the majority of the movie it plays at double speed. At the end with the row of dancers it's at real speed