Reviews for "Shattered Heaven Ep. 1"

love the drawing, really good work and very inspiring, thought i saw xin and Hanto from the xin series

AdamTilford responds:

Thank you. You did, their voice actors are my friends and they're actually extras in this episode.

like imbehindyou says. how DARE you have a video with mechs and introduce it with an interesting story to give a point and meaning to the mindless blood shed, explosions equal to a michael bay film, and animated breasts bigger than the head of the hulk. (Complete joke) anyways i like the story pace and theme. also i would like to wish you luck on your novel.

3:30 Cameo!! XD That just made my day, nice first episode, I can't wait to see how you improve in the future.

Loving this

Now this looks to be an amazing series.