Reviews for "Tankman Training"

A bit too hard on level 3

hey its good but when you jump you take damage and thats not really fair since you have to jump in this game but thats the only thing i have to say but its good

Yeah this game is kinda good but... the terrain was kinda um... rough.
It would be cool if there was enemies you can shoot... you also die pretty fast.
It will be perfect if the terrain isn't so rough, if there's some action, or you shouldn't die so easily.
There are a few glitches like stucking into objects or walls and when I was stuck one time I didn't know how it happened, I just jumped, made a backflip and falled on my head...
Anyway this games is good but it has some minor problems.

It was an Ok game although it could of been better, the graphics were at low level and the early levels where very hard too, maybe you should get people more into the game before you kill them. Overall it was a good game though I rate it: 4/5, congrats.

The game is good.But i really don't think that land mine can blow up a tank!