Reviews for "Tankman Training"

Pretty simple a game but not bad pretty addictive the turning seems a bit off though very light in air and sometimes impossible on the floor.

I hate hearing the people say "this should have [enemies/powerups/etc.]."

It's not that kind of a game. It's a thread the needle and you win type of game, not an RPG, Mario-clone, Final Fantasy clone, shooter, etc.

I agree that the balance is rage inducing. This review is much nicer thenth e one I typed earlier and didn't submit. MANY bad words were said. :\ ...not in the review; during gameplay.

If there wasn't the walkthrough, I'd have quit much earlier, thinking they might not be actually winnable.

As for what people have said about the WASD keys, these are the normal controls for this type of game.
UP/W = forward
DOWN/S = reverse
LEFT, RIGHT/A,D to lean forward or backward.
These are what all the dirtbike games use for controls, so stop your bitchin' people. You don't complain in the reviews on those, so it's not right to do it here.

The only glitch(?) I found was that after playing a level, lose or not, I was able to advance to the next. I beat 1 and 2 and went to 9 and 10. I'm ok with that, though.

So, ignore those people who expect to win the first time thru. It's an extremely challen... HARD game! That what it is. That's how you made it to be. You have that right.

...of course, that's only cuz I'm calmed down now. A few hours ago, I just might have been calling creatures from the underworld to deal with you. ;)

HARD, but decently good game.

pretty fun, could've used better background visuals

io3creations responds:

Thanks. Next one will be an "actual" game ;)

For a tank, that thing is weak as piss.

Fun, but way too simple. Needs more different lands and backgrounds and the tank could jump at least an inch higher.

io3creations responds:

More coming in the sequel - possibly even jetpack upgrades :)