Reviews for "Tankman Training"

As the others have said, I must also say; Alot of the terrain moves at the worst possible time, making some obstacles more a combination of luck and trial and error than actual skill.

Also little things can really fuck you up, making this game much harder than strictly necessary. Still pretty fun though.

Arrow Keys would have been better, but great game.

Some terrain is just not fair and i glitched so many times in this game could be great but it isnt

you need to fix some of the terrain i think it has the potential to be a top game but you need to some things bigger smaller and higher.. keep working on it

as much as i wanted to like this game it needs a lot of work not trying to be an ass but the game sucks doesnt deserve 0 stars but the most imma give you is 2.5 however you take that glass half full or half empty it doesnt matter but nice try on making a good game just try harder and put a lil more effort the backgrounds were extremely corny and the fact that the tank moved so fast and could jump was unrealistic to the point of boredum the smoke was low key but a nice touch keep your head up try harder but be honest with yourself the game sucked