Reviews for "Tankman Training"

For a tank, that thing is weak as piss.

Just finished it. It was pretty much average, very redundant music and some weird physics going on here and there. The tank barely felt like one. There were some decent platforming ideas though, even if the game is really bare bones, so 2.5 sounds appropiate to me.

Rage inducing for sure... :\

i beat the game but i didnt get the beat lvl 9 and 10 medals for some reason...

stopper playing when my head clipped the ceiling on level two when driving backwards up the broken ramp, also felt like there where some only avoidable if you intentionally slowed the hell down (cause you already died on them a lot) obstacles. controls also felt a little slow. (might be my wireless keyboard) as well, re spawning on a game that's about trial and error shouldn't need a new screen. Just a lot of little "could have been done better" things in a game type that is regularly done and well perfected. liked the art and concept, just not the unpolished. good try (non sarcastic, it really isn't that bad)