Reviews for "Tankman Training"

I love the game, it's so awesome, b ut very hard man. STill like the idea.

This game has very annoying controls (they don't even work), you die from almost everything. Sir, you are not getting stars from me...

io3creations responds:

That's ok, I already received my daily start quota from others ;)

About controls: have you ever played a motorbike game? But, if you don't like the controls, change them on the Controls page.

This was something else, but seriously!? I think this was too hard, i am sure i died at least 100 times on the second to last level, i tried the last level but just gave up because of the first ledge you have to jump up to and do a back flip on (I'm guessing) and it was such a pain that i just stopped because i can only press 2 keys (W, Spacebar) any other keys do not work and do not activate when holding said keys.

io3creations responds:

I agree, the levels are intended to be med-hard difficulty.

Have the checked the walkthrough video of the last level? I don't think you need to do much back flip.

Very challenging, yet not very enjoyable. The handling was terrible. It was fairly well made, but I didn't have a fun time playing it.

Sorry, its almost unplayable as it is. If you roll over, you are done. Its hard to roll back over. Level 3 has a glitch backing up. You back up too fast, youll flip over and get stuck on the ledge and kill yourself. I havent gone any further than that, because its too frustrating to control. Id blam it, but it contained newground tankmen.