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Reviews for "Ferrari"

Excellent work! Very funny, good animation, great music of course, all-in-all a good animation. Well done!

The background sometimes was too white and blocked out the guy. Especially in the beginning it was hard to make out the arms and skin. A quick fix is just outline the person in black or something, to set them apart from the background. Could just be my monitor, but it is always a good idea in my opinion.

It would also be nice to have more detailed backgrounds. It doesn't need to be a painted landscape or anything, but it would have been nice to have little white dots for stars at night and grass or trees or something for the daytime stuff. Just a suggestion.

I was very impressed by the music. I didn't really expect not to be, but this song was very, very funny and went well together with the video.

Honestly, the only problem I had was the backgrounds. Everything else about this video was great. Awesome video, let alone first video? This is far beyond the quality of a 'first try'. Great job!


hania responds:

Thank you for the really helpful review! I knew I was forgetting something! ... Backgrounds! I kept focusing on 'Newgrounds... new-grounds... ' get it? (bad joke) :p
Glad you liked the song! I really wanted something fun to animate my first thing to and Ferrari just seemed to tick all the boxes. I'll certainly be creating backgrounds for my next animation! Thank you so much again! :D

For a first-time animation, this is very decent. But the best thing here is the content. I was smiling the whole time, the music was just hilarious and the visuals definitely helped, not hindered.
Very well done video :D

hania responds:

Thanks!! :D It's really awesome to have this support for my first go at something. I really appreciate it. I really effing LOVE Newgrounds and everyone here!! xoxo

The song is great, as always. But the animation wasn't so good. Good enough for a first try though I guess.

hania responds:

I have a looooooong way to get to something I could call decent animation. But like you said; for a first try, I'm proud I got it done and out there in 11 hours. :) WOO!

This is not half bad for your first animation! Obviously you have had experience syncing music with video (AKA Tarboy) so that was excellent, and the drawings were decent. One critique I have for this music video is the movements of your characters- maybe try your hand in including more gestures and more exaggeration. Obviously, making your own music and making your own animation is overwhelmingly challenging, so I applaud you for that. Keep posting!

hania responds:

Thanks! And yep - practice, uploads and practice, I'll get better with time... and practice. :p Glad you liked the music ! :D

Awesome, as always!
- Frederik

hania responds:

Aww you're too kind :p