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Reviews for "Ferrari"

It's a very fun song! It's also a nice attempt at animation :3 I think you could've changed the skin tone though: it blended too much with the white background :I

I loved the wackiness of the song and for a first animation, it was well done.

Good things first: Music is beutifully done and at times, hilarious, and once again, you have the voice of a godDAMN angel. The lyrics were amazing...Just, amazing! :D

Bad things last: The animation is.....Well, it's better than most first tries at least. Hell, you did better than i could in 11 hours, instead i was just dicking around with all the options having no idea what i'm doing. So, good first try! And next time, get someone to help you with flash so you can make some great quality music videos!

I think its done good, i would have preferred better cars :D But for the first piece its nice in my opinion!

hania responds:

I agree! I'll keep at it and one day, re-make this... with amazing cars! :D

Not bad to be your first animation but i have to say... Your music makes everything much better, and also thinking that you made the song is amazing too.

hania responds:

<3 Thanks!! :D But yeah; doing everything with a mouse kind of sucks. I have next to no control over what I draw. Perhaps I'll try my hand at traditional animation and scan in the pages... Glad you like the song ;)