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Reviews for "Ferrari"

It's an amazing start, and the song itself is what really makes this animation. Now, I'm going to be critical, but only so that you can improve on your efforts. :D So, to start off, the choppy transitions really take a way from the flow of the animation, and I won't hate too much on your drawing style, but your Ferrari looks more like a Scion Tc lunchbox with it's top-half cut off. (LOL) The lack of backgrounds and scenery makes it a little difficult to distinguish the movement and direction of your animation as well. Overall, fluidity and detail are something that this flash lacks considerably, but as a first-time animation, I will still show my support with a 3.5 star rating. I wish you the best, and I hope to see more animated music videos/shorts from you :D

I liked the animation, it was cool. But to be honest, I liked the song better. ;-) Together, they were fun to watch. :-)

So first off, the music is fantastic as always, and the lyrics were delightfully witty in many ways; I'd probably give the song itself a 5 in the audio portal. I liked the art style for the most part too, kinda like a trendy graphic art style going on, but the animation wasn't particularly...er, animated; that is to say it kind of felt more like a slide show. You had some really good ideas but a little extra in terms of backgrounds and fps might have really brought it to life. Nonetheless, good job for a first animation!

i like the way the car goes up and down. and the song.

Pretty fucking good for your first animation! A+ for the music.