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Reviews for "Ferrari"

The song and the quality of the audio were great. So was the script. But the animation need quite some work, like backgrounds are more fluidity. Still the art style is original and quite good for first time.

Keep practicing !

hania responds:

Noted! I took what you said on board and created another short thing which I'll upload soon. I focused on backgrounds, settings and fluidity of motion. Provided, there's no "character animation"; I more focused on animating the screen for effect. You'll see. :p

<3 Mmmmmm i love it.
Like if u will make more animation,maybe u can try to use your old song! I think that will be awesome!!!

I really enjoyed the song and the animation, pretty solid job for your first run.

This is an awesome animation+song. I was very into the harmonization of the voices and when it was done for the "tard" part, I did that thing where I breathe through my nostrils more heavily than I normally do (which is a form of laughing so it's a compliment).
I liked it so much that I clicked the link to find out more about the singer. However, the Amazon link wasn't the most helpful. I don't want to dig through albums to find a song I liked. Link directly to the album or even directly to the song. I mean that in the most helpful way.
Great submission.

For your first animation this is surely a great start. you have potential for sure next time just make sure you incorperate more detail into your animation.