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Reviews for "Ferrari"

reminds me of the ford spider my dad got me from the junkyard...well...s*it.

I loved the hell out of the song and i'm even going to download it. I give it 4/5 because its your first Animation, i cant even make a simple one XD. Continue the work, loved the song :3

hania responds:

Thank you thank you! :D

i will vote 5 for the songs sake as it was well written and sang beautifully. but your animation requires.... more animation. this was a pile of quickly hashed scribblings and tweens. i will admit i enjoyed the tard face it was amusing. but i think the work done here was rushed and unpolished. you have proved you can animate. will you take a step and improve? I hope so. you got looks and a wonderful singing voice. you could make a trifecta. i see you spent 11 hours on this. you could have spent more and had an animation that matched your song. :) go for it.

For a first ever effort this isn't too bad. The characters and backgrounds have a decent quality, and also have a South Park type vibe. Although there isn't much actual movement and animation going on, but that will come with time.
As for the song, it's witty and has a sound that one would expect from you. It does however sound a lot like your other tracks, just with different lyrics.
Anyway, congrats on your first flash and keep doing what you do.

hania responds:

:D Thanks! I've started to notice that my songs sound alike... I'm going to need to start remembering what chord progressions I've already created and used... :p *facepalm

the animation is awesome and the song is amazing....all in all it was awesomazing >:D!! great job and keep it up.. ( P.S. make more :3)

hania responds:

Will do! :D thanks for enjoying it so much! ;)