Reviews for "Z3lda: Mini Game"

This is pretty fun. But the medals seem broken for me; I got the achievements ingame, but only got a handful of medals. Something's wrong when I have H13, but not H2.

Also, here's a little quirk/oversight you can use to get rupees even faster: When you talk to the game master, any onscreen arrows and targets freeze. When you're down to your last arrow, stand right next to him and fire an arrow that will hit a target, but talk to him before it hits. When your arrows refill, the arrow will hit and give you 4 rupees as normal, but you'll still have the five new arrows. In other words, you can shift the combo one step forward. Assuming you get a perfect five shots on the new set, you'll get 8, then 16, then 32, then 64 rupees as normal, but the final arrow will give you 128 rupees.

i dunno, man...i shot the shop dude and i got some kind of weird bug. 2/5

Alright, so, to the creator, this is a brilliant game, be proud. To the people wondering about the "scary face" or whatever after shooting the orange guy, stop trying, it isn't real. Obviously. The creator himself doesn't know what they're talking about. They're just trying to waste your time, stop paying attention to it. All that happens if you shoot the orange guy is you get one less arrow, and if you have no money, he'll yell at you a little.

Pretty sweet game, took me a whole hour from starting the game to get all the medals, love my nostalgia.

Great game, was truly challenging although i do have one question...

when I first played I accidentally shot the "store owner" and the screen went into a dos like screen with the message "I AM ERROR!! I WILL FIND YOU!!" Was than an Easter egg? It has never happened despite my trying it on purpose again...

Miyamoto would be PROUD!!