Reviews for "Z3lda: Mini Game"

Masterpiece, good gameplay. I see nothing wrong with is and it's a classic Legend of Zelda layout

At first glance I thought, "Holy shit, is this the entire Link to the Past game in Flash format ?!" Obviously I was disappointed but that is just because I'm an idiot.

I played around with this on my lunch break and it is just like I remember. I am still horribad at it.

I can't find any reason to take any points off. It is a sound remake. Visuals, sound, movement etc are all spot on.

Well done. I'm sure Miyamoto won't mind.

Pretty good game. It's just a remake, so there wasn't that much to look forward to that was new and fresh, but the added stuff was cool. Also, killing the guy who offers the mini-game doesn't turn out well...I'll just say that ;D

Love it, that really brought back happy memories =p

Amazingly Authentic!