Reviews for "Z3lda: Mini Game"

I've probably spent more time playing A Link To The Past more than any other Zelda game since when I was younger games were expensive so I only had a small handful of them, and most of them honestly had no replay value. However playing Zelda I never found myself getting tired of dashing around with the boots, or throwing bushes at enemies. I might be biased from nostalgia but this flash was super fun to me. It brought back a lot of good memories. The only bad thing I can say about it was after getting triple digits the numbers got blocked off so I had to keep track mentally if I wanted to know my exact score. The easter eggs were nice... Except one that literally made me regret finding it... Lol. Thanks for making this though. I enjoyed it a lot!

You know what else you add?
When you can hold the space bar button and when you want to shoot, you release the button,but that will make this game too easy.
So i was also reading the comments and they were saying about shooting the orange guy (probably talking about the owner in the arrow game) so i shot him a lot of time looking like a retart in front of my brother but nothing happened. Can you explain?
This is also a laggy game but i got used to it a little. about how my shots don't hit the targets and sometimes (it happened to me) it shoots through the target.
oh well still a good game.
Thanks for bringing back my childhood.

deathink responds:

Yeah I am not sure what they are talking about... anyway thanks for the reviw.

Well, I apparently pissed off Error by accidentally shooting the alien dude, which was cute and all, but really, it could have used a restart button so I didn't have to refresh the page after accidentally shooting him... twice... still, really fun. I enjoyed all the little easter eggs. Nicely done!

always nice to see something like this... you had me trying all the modes while trying to figure out all the secret things... always a good sign.

Well... I was kinda looking forward to doing something else like go through like caves in such but its ok