Reviews for "Z3lda: Mini Game"

Very fun mini game.
@Gamerik: It's a joke dude.

i read ur author comments that if we see Miyamoto and telling him not to sue u
im thinking IF he sue u then he will tell u to remove this game and/or something else bad and i don't want that to happen and if he DIDN'T sue u then he knows that ur big fan of him and made a fan made game based on The Legend of Zelda:A Link To The Past game even if this game isn't identical to the original game but it's great and a game thats based on arrow shooting has so much medals
once again u made another great game on NEWGROUNDS:)

deathink responds:

Thanks man :)

pleas make more :) soon :) contact me pleas

deathink responds:

Will do my man!

thank you thank you,,, THANK YOU! i love this game thanks for making this

Astral... Shoot his drum during time trial. It happened to me. How do you get the glitch medal?