Reviews for "Z3lda: Mini Game"

I shot the guy and pissed myself. Very well put together game. Felt like I was young back when I had a gameboy color. Note to anyone new to this game don't shoot the guy after giving him money just don't do it.

I managed to get all the medals :D

Also, for the people trying to shoot the orange guy, it seems to only work sometimes. I took me a day before I got it to work.

This game is well put together. For everyone complaining about how hard this is, you're wrong. You're just trying to hard. You need to remember (well, us older gamers at least) that classics like this, and even newer games, everything controlled by the program has a pattern, an algorithm. Just like a fight with any boss, you need to figure out what the pattern is so you know when to strike.

To the author: Don't let the whiners get to you too much. I'm assuming most if not all of them are nothing but young bucks that just don't understand how much harder NES games are compared to the games nowadays. Wonderful job organizing everything for this. 5's all around!

deathink responds:

Thanks man, yeah old school games were tough, but if you had what it took to beat a hard game, the sense of accomplishment was amazing.

Hehe, I will find you as well.

good enough to be official for the series.

deathink responds:

Thanks, that is quite a complement.