Reviews for "RGB+jump"

The game froze multiple times on me.

This is a lot like an older downloadable game called Island Hopping. As much as I hate to judge a game by direct comparison, having played a better game with an identical central mechanic really soured me on this one. The first complaint I had was the control scheme. giving us so little fine control lowered the skill ceiling a lot. It wasn't immediately clear how you were to score points. Since the name was RGB Jump and there were three lights on the HUD I thought you had to jump in a pattern between red, green, and blue platforms. The real objective was much less interesting. What makes games like this hold your attention is a good difficulty curve but this game flat out didn't have one. As soon as you become good at the initial difficulty you can just run for as long as you have the patience for. I like the way inyourface45 put it in calling it more of an endurance challenge. Really the only thing I did appreciate about this game was the technical marvel of having something like this in a web game. For that I have to give it some credit. Along with being playable I'll give this a mediocre but passable rating of 3/5. It's a good coffee break game but like I said at the beginning, Island Hopping does it all better.

Not too Good Buddy...

it is a game that I would play just to relax. 2.5

Sort of fun but very uninspiring to continue to push your highscore.
No variation.