Reviews for "RGB+jump"

If there's one thing i know,its that these games take skill,not really but you know what i mean.Right?4.5 stars!

Very good game! A simple concept, but highly challenging and addictive. I like the separate mute options for music and sound effects, though I find myself very much wanting a pause button, and it's kind of a shame that the red and green seem to be about the same saturation and value, so I probably can't link this to my colorblind friend. Aside from that, though? This is absolutely fantastic. Well done!

Nothing bad about this game, pretty fun timewaster.

this game is really awesome. only suggestion would be to add feet.jus to have a more realistic view of if you will make it or not

Awesome Game but 1 thing.
The Music can distract you at some times in normal mode but its really no biggie.

5 Stars - Distracting Music = 4.5 Stars
Amazing Work!