Reviews for "RGB+jump"

YAY! I love this game. It's pretty cool. PLEASE make more!!!!!!!! ;D

IM THE BIGGEST SCORE EVER!!!!!! 1,410,065,407

keyreal responds:

Using a memory editor isn't hard. Look for attention somewhere else.

This game is well-done. Many have already said this, but its quite addicting! I can tell that this has had a lot of effort put into it. I do think, however, that more challenges would make it cooler, and I like the ability to move left and right freely. It puts up more of a challenge. I know this game deserves more than five stars, but its all i could give. The soundtrack makes it even more interesting, and I hope to see updates in the future. I f you read this comment to the very end, you are a swagmaster, just like xKIRILLx. XD

This is the most impressive jump game I have yet play. I give you 10 for making a stunning time consumer.

Very godd game and very adicting :D!