Reviews for "RGB+jump"

This. Is. Awsome.
Addicting, skillful, great game, lovely, not sure how else to describe this, all I can really say is, I cannot stop playing it, too bad I was not logged in to submit my score though. Anyways the game is just a perfect one for me, mixes my two favorites, first-person, and platformer, just awsome jumped out fresh!

One does not see a 1st person plattformer everyday, it gives me a Mirror's Edge Vibe :)

Anyway, it's hard to calculate some jumps, the game needs a "short jump" mechanic. Good job anyway.

Pretty fun, simple, and supplies a good challenge. Great work!

YAY! I love this game. It's pretty cool. PLEASE make more!!!!!!!! ;D

Great game! My eyes couldn't take it anymore lol. But I did make Number 9!