Reviews for "RGB+jump"

This game is rocks and its also challenging :)

A really enjoyable game, and generally well designed. It has great choice in music, well thought-out gameplay, and is for the most part damn great. However, one problem I've found is that occasionally there will be absolutely no way to make the jumps, so even if you are doing spectacularly, you are forced to die. Perhaps a method of ensuring that such a thing doesn't occur would be nice. That minor complaint aside, this is a really solid game. Well done!

Great game I give it a 5/5 and the full-screen option really makes it better then the small browser window.

good game, highly addictive 5/5

I got stuck on 1002 score - game just stopes and nothing can help. It happens every time I rich it, so I have no idea how to progress.
And yeah, having ability to jump on short distances would be nice - I even try to do it, by holding the space shorter/longer, even when I know that it not helps. )