Reviews for "RGB+jump"

addicting and simple, but could be even better if there were other elements to the game also(maybe there are and i havent gotten to)

I cannot give you anything more than 5 stars......wish i could. This game is Awesome. Will definitely share with my friends!!!

Русский разработчик? Уважение, однако. Поиграл. На самом деле, игра вполне привлекательна. 3D технологии во Флэщ-играх используются очень редко. Ну и... молодец, короч.
A Russian developer? Respect to you, I might say. Played it a little. In fact, this game is looking quite appealing. 3D technologies are not used in Flash games very often. Well, and... well done, yeh.

Man this game is addicting! And really gets the adrenaline going! God I'm all sweaty

A little easy, but really fun should make the medals harder. 4 stars!!