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Reviews for "RGB+jump"

its harder then it looks, and for me it would improve game if jumps are sensitive to how long i press space, otherwise fun fun.
and i think you have cheater on highscores :/

Game just felt awkward for me.

The jumps were way too high and sometimes unresponsive. The other keys work perfectly.
It got boring VERY fast because of the repetitive nature; the same music over and over doesn't help the game either.

This game is well-done. Many have already said this, but its quite addicting! I can tell that this has had a lot of effort put into it. I do think, however, that more challenges would make it cooler, and I like the ability to move left and right freely. It puts up more of a challenge. I know this game deserves more than five stars, but its all i could give. The soundtrack makes it even more interesting, and I hope to see updates in the future. I f you read this comment to the very end, you are a swagmaster, just like xKIRILLx. XD

This was a fairly interesting game. I think its biggest weakness, however, was that it lacked creativity. It just seemed to be the same thing over and over. You did manage to mix it up nicely with getting certain tiles in a row, or at least having medals for it. I also like the music. It's interesting to be able to test your perspective.

I like how you can see the new squares materialize in the background. You even see that when you're falling to your doom. I don't think things have to be flashy, but this could have benefited from it. People seemed to like it enough to get you a Daily Feature. Funny, I don't remember seeing this on the list before.

this game is incredible, cant say enough for it. simple, addictive, and posses a challenge.