Reviews for "RGB+jump"

An addicting first-person platformer. This has a lot of potential for more stuff to do, hell, this could even be an I-Phone game, if you put some rewards when getting points, that would be a huge improvement! Only downfall, however, it's a first-person platformer! I've hated first-person platformers ever since the first Half-Life. It makes the whole game awkward and clunky. Next time, make it a 2.5D game, then I will be impressed.

Help. I'm trapped, i can't stop playing.

This game is very fun and i hope you add more things such as power ups i had fun playing this game and i hope you continue to make more such as this game.

If there's one thing i know,its that these games take skill,not really but you know what i mean.Right?4.5 stars!

This game has huge potential (multiple platforms, pickups/power-ups, speeding up as the game progresses etc.) plus is really addicting and love the music!