Reviews for "How Breaking Bad Will End"


It's undoubtably bullshit that this is your post on 4chan. It's one of the highest rated posts on r/breakingbad and I'd bet money that's where you got it from. You have a rep for taking other people's shit, don't think you're getting away with it, everyone knows. Sometimes you give credit, sometimes you don't. I can't find a single video of yours where I can't point out several things you directly ripped from elsewhere.
Honestly man, what you're doing is scummy as fuck. This is the internet, it's like you think you're above it and nobody will find out what you're doing.
Anyway, animationwise, there was nothing to it really, puzzling character designs, ugly purple filter, horrible lip synch, overuse of the boiling effect. Did you trace Saul? He looks oddly proportionate compared to everyone else. The colors are really ugly and I'm not sure why you chose to go with a purple outline to the characters. Also, the references were so dumb and obvious. Los Pollos hasn't been relevant for a long time, and better call saul was funny in 2010. The only redeeming thing about this video, is walt jr's voice... but then it's ruined with a breakfast joke, which is incredibly overdone and I'm pretty sure I've seen that exact punchline in another one of your videos.
Overall, this is pretty poor, contentwise and the fact that you claim to be the OP on the 4chan post.

Walt Jr.'s secret weapon...breakfast.


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I don't get it

ZenithQuinn responds:

i get you