Reviews for "Cole Slaw"

Love it! Could do with some hints for secret medals though!

good work bro
how do I get the "qwop" cheevo?
p is pause but o is another stab button.
awesome game, keep making them
"live long and prosper"

DBuck-Eye responds:

Thanks, man! To get the cheevo, just do really badly during the sprint at the start. Like -1000 points bad. Just trip a bunch of times!

I thought there would be a cheevo for running the entire 4,000m backwards. There are also not any secret controls like in FTC (for example, pressing F in FTC). So many missed opportunities :(. Also, You can't read the announcer's comments the whole way. Overall, it still captures the comedy of it's predecessor. 4 stars

Really addicting

DBuck-Eye responds:

Glad that you like it :)

5 for creativity.
Obviously not "technically" brilliant, but brilliant none-the-;ess.
Well done, sirs (and/or misses).

DBuck-Eye responds:

I'm glad that you liked it!