Reviews for "Cole Slaw"

the only reason this isnt 5 stars is because the game makes absolutely no sense

its so unpredictable and nonsensical that it makes me a little bit angry

DBuck-Eye responds:

Well at least you liked the rest of it, right? :)

I'll love to see other things like if we can deflect rocket missile back at them LOL

DBuck-Eye responds:

You sir, just thought up a new feature! It'll be in by tonight! Good idea :)

Pretty good game, but there are not enough reasons to repeat it more than a few times. The powerup's are too hard to get, and the game doesn't make any damn sense even through I did play the previous game.

DBuck-Eye responds:

Power ups should get easier to get real soon (tonight) and there's not much I can do about it not making sense :)

I don't think that missing a swing should reset your combo, either that or power ups shouldn't be given only for high combos.

I was enjoying myself, just running down the track and murdering guys, right up until I realized I could only get powerups like the horse if I killed 10 people in a row, without missing or getting hit, suddenly I found myself not even bothering to throw my sword or spike the golf carts because those were both very stylish moves that had a delay and put the combo at risk.

The game itself is fun, but the fixation on combos suddenly throws the carefree attitude out the window and replaces it with one of precision and caution, which totally clashes with the craziness of the story and the absurd things that start filling the track.

DBuck-Eye responds:

Hm... I see your point. I'm gonna make some edits tonight to make the combos easier (originally, getting hit didn't reset your combo, but that seems to be the more tolerable of the two reasons for resetting). I also like your power up idea, so I'll throw in random power ups if you haven't gotten one in a while. Thanks for the thoughtful feedback! :)


*Puts on sunglasses*

Cole slawed it.


Get it?


DBuck-Eye responds:

I don't get it... Is it like you slew it but with slaw? Meaning you beat it? IS THAT IT?