Reviews for "The Living Tombstone VS UB40"

Nice one.. Not my style though :D

JBeat2k9 responds:

Thanks man! I know what you mean! It's literally just an excuse for me to somehow mix two songs that I liked at the time, and it was a bit lazy of me, if I'm honest!

This song did REALLY well on NG for a while, but thanks to mah boi GD Alkali, some of my other stuff is starting to catch up!

I very much enjoyed this, and I don't give out high ratings very easily. Keep up the good work friend.

JBeat2k9 responds:

Wow thanks SmarterThanYou! :D

I actually feel quite honoured that you've given me such a high score! :o Thank you so much!

Epic I love both of them 1000/1000
5 stars!!!!

JBeat2k9 responds:

Holy crap thanks for the 1000/1000 and 5/5! Haha!

Glad you like it! ^^

This is Awsome! But how do you find the sound code? I want to put it on my level

JBeat2k9 responds:

Hey Tfiregames!

Sound code? O_o

You mean the number in the URL? Try that! ^^

This is the best song just like 420/420

JBeat2k9 responds:

xD I'm so glad you guys are enjoying this!