Reviews for "And The Sun Still Shines"

Awesome work! You've definitely come a long way since your last animation. I personally love the title and the meaning that this animation conveys. Great job!

tommykong95 responds:

Thank you for the praise.

Overall, this is a lovely animation. The animation is smooth and the background is beautiful, especially the night scenes. The main character reminds me a bit of Forest Gump: both silly, funny and optimistic.

tommykong95 responds:

Thank you. I've just realized that indeed there's a similarity between those 2 guys :))

I kept thinking during the paper flying in the air that it reminded me so much of the tutorial in FX course and was wondering if this was one of the animators in it. Splendid work and I just liked pointing out every bit of each lesson.

First of, the splash was superb and had that nice fluent, transparent hue that was well done. Of course the flying paper was very dynamic and kept a good floating factor as it moved across the sky. The waving action as it was caught on the branch was well done as well. You kept the paper perfectly at the same length and proportion, though I felt like the back side of it moved a bit, but that's me nitpicking for examining the overall effect.

The composition was nice with the lighting and stuff. I really liked how you had him sort of disturb the lighting coming through the tress. It bent perfectly, but maybe there could of been some kind of shadow that I know would of been brief, but once again nitpicking.

Overall the lighting, animation and effects were stunning. Very good work and truly can tell that you put a lot of work into this project and can't wait to see what more the effects course can do for you.

-Fellow FX student.

tommykong95 responds:

Thank you very much for the feedback. It's true that some of the animation elements could have been better if I hadn't rushed it too quickly. However, I haven't done any FX course since I'm simply an amateur. The paper was animated from my imagination and not really that hard if you try it, though I can't say the same with the splash. The style, the flow and the splash FX of this were learned from Adam Phillips (chluaid on Newgrounds), an ex-Disney animator who also holds an online FX course at his website. Go check it out, it's really amazing. Again, thanks for your words.

It goes to show you: what's important in life isn't treasure, it's the journey.

tommykong95 responds:

Thank you for commenting. There's also another message I want to convey (through the ending scene and the title) for you to find ;)

the music and theme of lesson reminds me of the indie game, To the Moon.

well done. So fluid! and simple.

tommykong95 responds:

Thank you, it isn't what I had in mind but To the Moon is a very inspirational game for me.