Reviews for "And The Sun Still Shines"

Oh, what a difference five years makes.

I watched this before I watched Path of a Cowboy, and I kind of wish I had done it the other way around so I could fully appreciate the maaaajor difference between the two. You've certainly come a long way!

The coloring on this was breathtaking, and kudos on the music composition - both of your works display a playful musicality that's rather nice to see. The style and animation is simple and not particularly slick, but it lends itself nicely to the gentle, laid-back pacing of the entire piece. I think everything benefited from the change of ending, too.

My one-and-a-half gripes are as follows: At times, the pacing was a little TOO slow. It could have used a few choice editing cuts here and there. The half gripe lies in the fact that, as a result of the slower pacing, the little bits of comedic slapstick felt a little trite and/or predictable by the end. (The bear was great, though.)

A tad bit more backstory on our intrepid explorer might have also added a bit more on the emotional end of things. He might be the everyman, but he's an everyman who seems to have quite a lot of free time on his hands and nothing to tether him down, so...not such an everyman after all, but I don't know why. Which means it's harder for me to connect to the piece emotionally.

But I'm nitpicking. Overall, beautifully executed, and congratulations on having come so far animation-wise! I'm excited to see what you'll do next.

tommykong95 responds:

Thank you for your detailed and constructive feedback, really appreciated it. I made the animation in a somewhat nostalgia style like the old cartoons, and saw the protangonist something like the "Chosen one".

this was an amazing piece to watch! your skill at the piano was an amazing touch as well. things like this make me vote repeatedly over time because they deserve it. well done, well done indeed!

tommykong95 responds:

Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciated it.

Great! Loved just about everything. The art was great, music fit perfectly and the animation was pretty smooth.

However, some of the sounds were just a tiny bit off.

tommykong95 responds:

Probably because of the compression which made the video a little bit out of sync. Thanks.

great song and great animation.. the animation and bg styles were very much reflective of the Adam Phillips style, and I thought it was him at first.. keep it up man.. it was really fun to watch - I liked the pastel feel of the bgs as well and the fact it wasn't all just sidescrolling and you used elements to show perspective - good work!


tommykong95 responds:

Thanks for the constructive feedback. Yeah, Adam Phillips is definitely the man whom I learned so much from

That poor Mr Saturn looking guy, Nice animation :)

tommykong95 responds:

Thanks, I saw your Mr.Saturn animation lol