Reviews for "And The Sun Still Shines"

love the video, love the message, love the music. Well done.

tommykong95 responds:

Thank you for comment.

This character is made of IRON!
The first time he fell off a cliff I felt bad, and then it turns out this guy is unkillable.

Fine animation but a simple story (not that I feel it could be better, it just is a simple story.)
A good length.

tommykong95 responds:

Thanks for the comment.

Creepy, but well-done.

tommykong95 responds:

Thanks for commenting but creepy? I've just lost you there lol

A touching video. I took from it that it is the journey that makes and adventure, rather than the reward at the end. This video also bespeaks the beauty of the world around us, though many overlook that fact. The music score fits very well, and the elements of the piano for various reactions as well as the sound effects are all neat and well placed. The animation is simple yet endearing, and the ending was particularly well done. You easily get my five stars.

tommykong95 responds:

Thank you for your praise. There's also another message I wanted to convey, which was explained in my previous respond.

Wonderful video
this is really really good.
i don't know what you're trying to say, but this video reminds me of something related to my life, the 'And The Sun Still Shines' message gives me some hope. this video is unique, and great.
Thank you very much for posting this.

tommykong95 responds:

Thank you for commenting. Just as you thought, I wanted to convey a positive, hopeful feeling about all of the challenges that we must face in our lives. Though the result may not be as we expected, we should always be positive, head to the future because, well, the sun still shines every day.