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Reviews for "Display Boner"

Haha this was a pretty funny GG skit to animate.
Funny 'cause it's true...
Anyway, glad to see you're still doing what you do man, animating and such.
Keep up the hilarious work!

I love how you added the detail of Dan's thumbs being that big. As for the rest of the animation, it was pretty well done for a "crappy style" kind of animation, and that goes for the art as well, which showed a lot of comedy in it which made it even funnier!

Why all those "Sick of Game Grumps animations, go do some nice flash Ego!" comments?
If you don't like them, don't click on it to watch. But why downvote a well made animation which is funny (because of the drawings as well!)
I am sick off comments which just show that you don't like a whole category of animations and downvote all of them without even judging what you should be judging!
Keep up the work Jae, I laughed a lot, and thats what i came for.

There's just some epidemic about them