Reviews for "JetNinja KURAI"

I was pretty confused by this at first. I was able to realize that you just had to collect the powerups and the game played itself. It has been too long since you have submitted something. I hope this is popular on the Appstore. I don't understand what the first level was for. Actually, I don't even know if that was a level at all.

The graphics are as good as ever. The best is how you don't know what's going to come up next. It's nice to have such good mobility in the game. The sound effects are cool and they sync up well. It was fun to play this.

HOW DO YOU SHOOT??????????

I don't know wat happened but that was awsome

is a cool game

This game is random, there is very little strategy to it and its one of the first games that i have seen that the POWER UP's make it HARDER to get points!

you have to fly to a portal to start (why not just start! or have a skip)
powerups randomly spawn
minions randomly spawn
minions randomly stop spawning it make it near impossible to get combo300 *i got 299*
full of glitches and bugs with the unlimited hp and spinning attack no activating

overall a very unpolished game

it seemed to be more luck based then any actual skill