Reviews for "The Weight"

Very nice style, interesting, and the music definitely enhanced the watching experience. Good choice! The animation if very smooth, and I think the story is fine without more detail really! Maybe something about how he got a second chance, because it kind of seemed like the second half was just showing what he should have done.

Fantastic work man! Really beautiful in all aspects! BTW I checked ur tutorials and they are super awesome!

wow freaking amazing. I have no words to speak. well done thats all.

This video is heavy. That is no pun. It is... very... burdening...

Pahgawk responds:

Haha well that is the reasoning behind the name. it just happens to make these comments look like puns as well :)

I've been on the otherside a lot in life. When you fight and fight and fight (add many more "fight"s you want in this), it gets super terrible because well, I had been there when a friend wasn't present. I feel blessed to be out of those dark times and exponentially blessed to see friends there in those dark times when you can give a call.

Never be afraid to make it and never refuse it.