Reviews for "The Weight"

Awesome job not a topic most people talk or animate about nice to see you thinking out side the box with such a positive message.

Friendship is great!

Animations are not special but good, the music is right. Good job.

Wow, that was absolutely powerful! Wonderfully animated, perfect music, and somehow you got such a great story in a short amount of time! Love it!

IMO animation was alright, the music was the main strength of the animation, while plot I didn't like (don't yell at me that I don't get it, it's just my subjective dislike, you can still like it and whatever) because it was pretentious , depressingish and totally lacking any obvious story. While watching it all I felt was the music trying to set atmosphere and failing. I guess I could see how people like it though. And also I should stop wasting time writing this crap "review" which is definetly worse than movie, why are u even still reading this?

Man don't count yourself short. This is pretty damn good. The animation is solid and the story is sad, but at the same time very uplifting. However, without reading your description it's quite difficult to understand what happens with the second call and that part of the story is never given a set up. Was the first call a prophetic dream? Or did he go back in time? Anyway that doesn't really matter since the emotion comes through plain as day, which brought a tear to my eye. Good job dude, hope to see more in the future.