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Reviews for "Be Happy"

The octopus is what made this wonderful.

This made me ridiculously happy, perhaps it was the upbeat tune, or the sick pink octopus, or the fact that I found a penny on the couch, but I was happy.

hillrdavid responds:

Likely the penny

make this longer!!! Great video though. One thing was that towards the beginning I thought that it was only a loop of the octopus walking down the street...the only reason that I didn't click out of the page was because it was on the front page, so if you could SOMEHOW make it more clear that it's more than that, it would be awesome. And sorry, I'm nitpicking haha, you did a fantastic job. Great flash, man!

It did what it said it would. :)

No wonder why it is 3rd place, i believe the video was fun, no gore nor violence, just pure happiness. I love this video because it remove anger, you just can't be angry while looking the video. Thumbs up keep on going I'm looking forward for next videos!

hillrdavid responds:

Thank :)