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Reviews for "Be Happy"

Thank you, supreme fudge overlord. Your animation about Squidward and Uranus is an inspiration to us all. I want to become an expert fudgeologist myself one day.

Real talk though? Great animation. The happy faces and dancing really made my day. Not to mention, the little bit with the ship cockblocking that planets happiness. Shit was magnificent.

Like a wife says to her erectile dysfunction ridden husband: Keep it up,

hillrdavid responds:

It's an octopus, but I'll let that one slide ;)

I didn't realize it was looping until like the 6th time.

This is a good happy random animation, but the part on the planet, the end part of the loop is random and less pleasent, but overall this is good.

wtf did I just watch??

dat octopus struting down the street to steal yo gurl.