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Reviews for "Human, Eagle, Mouse"

Hi, I have some questions. What tool of flash do you use to get those thin and uniform outlines? pencil, brush (what kind of properties)? I had problems with the pencil tool because sometimes it looks like the lines are closed but they are not (and I can't fill it with color, or I have to clean and erase when the lines passes another line. Greetings.

CrabbWalker responds:

The pen tool. I use it to trace over my sketched images for easy fills and shading. Real useful, but I also advise having some grasp on color theory if you are using the pen tool (it erases that beautiful sketch look that enriches it). The brush tool is also a good tool to use to close your shapes in. Cheers!

it looks good...

A greatly animated adventure, had me gripped the whole way! :D

her face like 'Da FUQ!!!' XD holarios animation good too.
That eagle was little bit overpowered just a little but okay since that mouse on way bigger level but im kinda interested what happned to that climber like she died or she survived or she forever will need a wheel chair.
Nice work.

CrabbWalker responds:

Thank you ! lol, and I tried doing an overlap into the credits where she is shown to be alright with the mouse, and the Eagle pummeled. Will work on that, thanks for pointing it out!